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About Woodys’s Skate Park

Woody’s Skate Park (aka Woody’s Ramps and Rails) is the only skate park in Savannah GA that is legally running, fully insured, stocked and staffed. Woody’s is also the only real skate shop in town. . . That means our prices are right and we know how to grip your new deck.

Woody’s is  owned and operated by skaters with a real passion for this sport. Our goal is to create an environment where everyone can safely skate, make new friends and help the local skate scene grow.


Woody’s has been around for about four years and it was the vision of Jason Woody Woodward  (thus the name) and the fruit of significant investment (financial and otherwise) from his dad John Woodward (aka Woody Sr.).  The lot it occupies was once a country club, a neighborhood pool and, as of lately, Woody’s.

The park opened to much funfair in July 2004 and ran quite successfully for quite a few years, fostering what some have come to call “the golden age” of skateboarding in Savannah GA.

Fast forward a few years to 2008 and things were quite different.  “The golden age”  was long passed. Most of the skaters from the early years were gone or grown (busy with family, jobs etc). Woody got married and moved away, leaving his parents with the difficult task of running the park along with their own professional careers and personal challenges. . . Without Woody, the operation of the park was cut to a minimum, the pro-shop slowly lost its “pro” and the park slowly lost its appeal. Woody Sr. decided to place the park for sale but was committed to keep it open (however minimally) until a suitable party took over. The search for a buyer took almost a whole year.

Some time early in 2009, an intrepid Savannah transplant with a mild case of mid life crisis found Woody’s and chose to rescue the park – instead of buying a red sport car – some say. The park was quietly purchased in June 2009, thanks to the support of his family and many of his friends.

The park kept it’s name mostly as a homage to the Woodward family, who without a question, have made the most significant contribution to the skate culture in Savannah GA.

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