Woody’s is a humble skate park with three employees, two volunteers and lots of ambitions. Our park is home to hundreds of kids and young adults looking for a safe place to practice their sport and grow up into a friendly and supporting community.  We have an eclectic mix of skaters, rollerbladers and BMXers that make this place really special. But, just like many other private parks around the country, we can use some help operating, improving and making this park the pride of the neighborhood.

Here are some ways you can support Woody’s:

  • Corporate Sponsorships
    Consider becoming a corporate sponsor. As a sponsor, your brand/company will be directly associated with all the positive things we are trying to accomplish with our park. Additionally, your support will help us grow and bring more kids into healthy, wholesome and exciting sports.

    Corporate sponsorships may be in-kind donations like lumber (for example) or other services or products directly related to your company’s industry. Basically anything your company could provide that would help us keep our operational costs down.

    As a corporate sponsor, your banner will adorn our park and your brand will be displayed on our website, fliers and any t-shirts we print. We will make ourselves available for photo-ops and any other marketing campaigns your company wishes to deploy.

  • Adopt a Ramp
    Just like the signs you see along many highways suggesting you a adopt that road, you too can adopt a ramp! At this level of support, we will make sure your name, family or the name of the person you choose to honor is displayed on the ramp of your choosing.
  • Shop at Woody’s Skateshop
    While we all know that there are always unbeatable prices online for many kinds of goods or services, when you shop at Woody’s, you are helping the park, the neighborhood and the kids that skate here.

    As one of the few skate shops in Savannah GA, we know how difficult it is to find the right deck or hardware for your board around here… and unfortunately, skate hardware in Savannah is often overpriced. You should know that Woody’s has the best prices for skate equipment in town and even if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for, we can place special orders to fulfill any request. In short, when you shop at Woody’s, you are directly promoting the success of the park.

  • Skate at Woody’s and Bring a Friend
    Skateboarding is a contagious sport. The more people practicing it, the more appealing it is for new skaters to pursue it. Talk to your friends about Woody’s and be an ambassador for your sport. For every new friend you bring into our park, the more fun it will be to be here. That is just that simple.
  • Share Your Skills
    We are very fortunate to have many talented friends at our park. Other than our two volunteers (they are just OK), some of our friends are not just talented, but also giving… they shoot video, take pictures, blog and help us promote the park, others, provide logistics and support to the many activities we have at the park, from special events to the more mundane daily grind. If you have the time and impetus to get down and dirty with making this place a success, let us know… We can use your help and initiative.

Contact us to learn how you can help Woody’s become a greater place.
Email with questions or ideas.

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