Underground… BACK in the SHOP!

For those of you wondering, Underground is back from their Summer slumber with full force… and a new deck design to boot…


Underground is LOCAL and fully vested in the Savannah skate scene… Skate Underground and support your scene…. do it!

At the Shop! C1RCA Shoes! Ohhh Yeahhh!

Well, after a year running the park like hobby, we are finally stepping up our game… You can now buy C1RCA shoes right here at Woody’s!



Stay tuned for more brands showing up on our wall… Now come get yours and go skate!!!

DELUX in the Shop!

In case you did not know, we’ve remodeled our shop and added a few more distributors to our list of brands…
We have just received our first DELUX package with Real, Krooked and Anti-Hero decks, Spitfire wheels and Thunder  trucks!!!  With much more to come!
Support your ONLY local skate shop! COME BUY OUR STUFF!!!

Awesome 2nd M.A.S.S

We had a blast this past weekend at M.A.S.S.

Many thanks to Andrew, Dj Sole Control and Primary Art Supply for making this event a huge success.


More photos at flickr!

Next Generation Electric Rocks!

Many thanks to Tom at NGE for the huge help he has provided the park… A while back he helped us move a big light over our mini. Yesterday, Tom installed track lighting on our shop! I could not thank him enough for all the support he has provided us… If you need any electrical work or repair (big or small), give Tom a call!

You may reach him via phone at 912 401 4922
or via email at:


Woody’s Skateshop v2.0!

We are back from a busy week (and 1/2)! Rainy Second Saturday AGAIN (so no winners and no pics) BUT lots of work in the shop… New walls went up last weekend and today we got new lights too… All looking great and everyone is very pumped about finnaly having a real shop at the park… We have new distributors and lots of hardgoods heading our way right now… Stay tuned for more on the progress!

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