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Another InstaISH! – Woody’s gets some Fickle 6ply!

New 6ply shred sticks now instock also a few more fun shapes!
Thanks @fickleboards more –
SO, we got some new 6ply Fickle boards. We are talking real sizes. 8.25 and up with the weight of a 8.0 deck.
We got a few questions about how durable these would be, you know, given the small ply count… Well, let me share this little video: (a bit long with some foul language – be warned)

The deck on this video is your standard run 7ply construction that Fickle has been putting out for the better part of the last year… All I have to say is: If your 7ply board can take that kind of abuse, I think we will be fine with 6…
Skate on and grab a Fickle while we have them.

Another InstaISH!

out with the crew! #holla more –
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