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Another InstaISH! – Woody’s gets some Fickle 6ply!

New 6ply shred sticks now instock also a few more fun shapes!
Thanks @fickleboards more –
SO, we got some new 6ply Fickle boards. We are talking real sizes. 8.25 and up with the weight of a 8.0 deck.
We got a few questions about how durable these would be, you know, given the small ply count… Well, let me share this little video: (a bit long with some foul language – be warned)

The deck on this video is your standard run 7ply construction that Fickle has been putting out for the better part of the last year… All I have to say is: If your 7ply board can take that kind of abuse, I think we will be fine with 6…
Skate on and grab a Fickle while we have them.

New Video! – Brad Upton Daily Grind

New short clip from Boe at Woody’s with our homie Brad U. If you haven’t noticed, this a weekly series of skateboarding videos – always featuring our local, homegrown community, always short and sweet.

If you are a small business and would like to have your brand in front of an army of kids (and likely their proud parents) send us a note at


St Patrick’s Parade Pictures!

Well, here we are again trying to catch up! Finally found the misplaced memory card with all the parade pictures! check them out on Flickr!

We had about 85 skaters this year! The day was beautiful and we skated the parade down with pride! If you missed the chance, let me just say you missed out big!

Many many thanks to our parade sponsors for making this even possible!

  • Ben and the Friends of Chatham Skate Park
  • Mr. Bill Nelson
  • Mr. Steve Jepson
  • Mr. James Weeks Jr.
  • ClaiBorne & Surmay P.C Law Firm
  • Savannah Coastal Cars
  • Spurs Construction

We would specially like to thank Billy’s Mom, Kim, for her undying support of this park and all the energy she brings into it!

Also many thanks to the parents that helped keep the kids under control on the parade… we had an unruly crowd and you handled them all with grace and calm… we are really thankful for all your work and hope you guys had as much fun as we did!

that was just the beginning of a big season… stay tuned for more fun this year!

Daily Grind !!

So we are starting a weekly post called the daily grind that will consist of  someone doing something gnarly !!! This also allows our sponsors to get their name out. So, if you would like to sponsor a daily grind, shoot us a email or phone call and talk to Boe or Bryan! Check out Mac Taylor shredding in our first daily grind !!!

Skate or Dye: photoset by Truemarmalade!

It all went down like a dream! We had close to 60 riders come out from every corner of the state (and others) and throw down a really great show for everyone… Thanks to Underground (Yo Jeremey!) and all the sponsors for putting out such a great production… Also many thanks to all Woody’s friends (You know who you are!) for helping hold it all down!

Here is Erik’s photoset on Flickr – way better than our own photos (which will come up shortly)…. Check these out!
If you took photos of the competition, let us know – We’d love to have them posted too!

Yes! Thanks Erik for sharing these!

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