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New Video! – Brad Upton Daily Grind

New short clip from Boe at Woody’s with our homie Brad U. If you haven’t noticed, this a weekly series of skateboarding videos – always featuring our local, homegrown community, always short and sweet.

If you are a small business and would like to have your brand in front of an army of kids (and likely their proud parents) send us a note at


The Daily Grind

check out Woody’s own Taylor Grose Shredding in this weeks daily grind

Daily Grind !!

So we are starting a weekly post called the daily grind that will consist of  someone doing something gnarly !!! This also allows our sponsors to get their name out. So, if you would like to sponsor a daily grind, shoot us a email or phone call and talk to Boe or Bryan! Check out Mac Taylor shredding in our first daily grind !!!

Daily Grind: double whammy!

Another post on the sequence…

Unknown Joe – for real, we don’t know his name, doing a huge ollie off the bank:
Our own park rat Justin doing a huge boardslide…

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