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Day of the Shred Update! Fickle Skateboards signs on as Fun Jam Category Sponsor

Fickle Skateboards snaps up the Beginners Fun Jam Category (one of the 4 exclusive sponsor levels available for this event)

With that move, the Beginners Fun Jam officially becomes the…

Fickle Skateboards Fun Jam

This category is open for all kids (and teens, why not?) that want to run a Skate Jam for fun… we will give many prizes out and have lots of fun… the best part, this category is free!

And… for the uninformed, the other two categories, Intermediate and Advanced, have a hefty cash prize awaiting the winners…


The other 3 exclusive sponsorship levels are still open. Check them out and pass the news along to anyone you think would like to help us put up a great show… you may learn more about the many sponsor levels available here:

Day of the Shred Skate Jam will take place Saturday, November 2 2013. Check here for more info

skate on!

Day of the Shred Skate Jam – Update!

Boys and girls listen up!
We are happy to announce that we have a new sponsor package for those (individuals and businesses) that would like to help us put out the best show to date in skateboarding history (for Savannah, of course… lets be modest here.)

Download Sponsor Package

If you are reading this and know someone who might have an interest in sponsoring this awesome event, make sure to pass this info along.

Crete, Ramps and Dogs

You are invited for a 4pm concrete pour on our long overdue DIY ramps…
(this should really read: We can use your help! )

Bring a shovel and a bucket, if you have one, and be ready to get dirty!

We plan on working on the ramps starting at 4pm and BBQ / skate sessssh as soon as we run out of concrete… We will have drinks and hotdogs for the crew…. should be a good time…

Thanks to Todd at for helping spread the word…

Cinder Block Drive!

As you may know, skate camp is coming up April 1 – 5 and we have the good folks from Fickle Skateboards coming down to teach us a thing or two about DIY concrete ramps and skate spots… So we are launching a quick and dirty, concrete and cinder block drive in order to get the materials we will need for our camp quickcreteans.

If you have access to (or would like to dispose off) cinder blocks and concrete bags, send us a note at or give us a call at 912 925-3777 (between 3pm and 7pm) and we can coordinate pickup or drop-offs.

If you have a small business and would like to help, we will make sure to acknowledge your donation and make you a camp sponsor, with your company logo printed on the tshirts we make at camp along with recognition on our website and videos produced during camp.

No amount is too small. If you are a mom or dad (or not) and have just a couple of blocks handy, bring them to the park and we will discount their value off your admission fee… So, pass on the word and lets build something!

… and don’t forget to register for camp! Find more info about camp here.


Check out Josh’s new adventure:

The Thru-Project

Basically, Josh and friends are going to hike this far:  (keep scrolling down…..)

…. in 6 months, then, make a bunch of cool art/photos/books and give 25% of any profit they make back to the AT trail and the groups that help maintain it… Great right?

Well, they need your help getting the project going… after all, a hike this long does not just happen. It needs planning, and more importantly FUNDS… and this is where you come in!

Visit their INDIEGOGO page, LEARN more about the project and HELP them fund this adventure! 

Do it!


Thanksgiving Schedule

We are opening early today and Friday!
come out and skate if you are stuck at home.

Wednesday and Friday :11am to 9pm

Closed on Thursday.

Also check some great black friday deals on decks trucks and wheels!

Diamond Grind Coping!

Christian from Diamond Grind dropped by the park yesterday and showed the guys what his rails are all about… Two words: Gnarly Fun.

We skated his demo rail and were immediately hooked… After some talk we decided to buy into an irresistible deal he offered… Minutes later, Christian is in full fabrication mode and a few hours (and pizzas) later we got to try our new custom made hand rail! check it!



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